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How To Pack Your Belongings One Week Before Moving Day?

Living in Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, makes frequent relocation and address changes difficult. However, you have a long list of unfinished business in front of you before you have to leave the flat on the scheduled day.If you have the busiest schedule, it is suggested to hire the best movers in Dubai.

We decided to use our experience as one of the top packers and movers in Dubai to help you organize things because the move date is just a week away and you haven’t begun packing your belongings. If your relocation is coming next week, use this page as your moving checklist to make packing quick and efficient.

1. Plan And Create A List 

You can handle the entire packing and moving procedure like a pro if you don’t get stressed out about it and behave wisely. However, before you do anything else, spend some time to identify your priorities for each group of items you want to carry. Separate delicate objects from those that look to be robust because if you mix the two, something will shatter in half. 

Thus, the best movers in Dubai suggest making a list of what needs to be packed last, as well as what needs to be packed first, in a similar manner. Making lists as you pack each thing is an excellent method to keep yourself informed about the procedure.

2. Look For A Space To Pack

There aren’t too many days till moving day, so you need to set up a special area for all the packed boxes. If you don’t maintain them in a distinct spot, your building will resemble a garage or a storeroom. 

Imagine that a visitor arrives and discovers this unwelcome condition. Being one of the top packers and movers in Dubai, we advise everyone to arrange their belongings and keep the packing boxes separate from other stuff.

3. Set A Few Things Apart For Later!

I am aware that the relocation date is coming up in just a week and you have no idea where to begin packing your belongings. Because we are one of the top packers and movers in Dubai, we have learned from experience that customers also pack the objects they use frequently. Avoid the inclination to carry routine-based products with other ones if you don’t want to experience any uncomfortable situations. 

Since you won’t be departing right away and there is still plenty of time, separate them from the mass of packing you can see in front of you. Therefore, pack these products carefully and individually if you don’t want to feel annoyed when you need them later.

4. Set Up New Boxes With Movers In Dubai

Have you given any attention to why you were forced to move during a transition? Was it as a result of employing an unreliable moving company in Dubai, or was there another issue? Due to improper packing techniques, you will inevitably run into problems like item damage when moving from the old to the new address. 

Use of outdated carton boxes, which can’t keep items together and fall in half, is the main error that most people make. Purchase fresh boxes to put everything in and boost your level of satisfaction with your packing plans before moving day.


The way mentioned above will help you with hassle-free moving in Dubai. If you’re stuck into any trouble while moving and packing, the best movers in Dubai, Ultra Movers are here to assist. You will save a lot of time. As we understand, time is now costlier than when you have so much work. From start till the destination, your belongings are safe and secure from any damage. You may get in touch with us any time of day or night since we provide the best services and assure your satisfaction.

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