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Tips to Avoid the Hidden Moving Cost

You decide to take the help of packers and movers in Dubai for relocation and finalize them after getting the final quote. That selected mover finally unpacks all your belongings into your new property. What a stress-free feeling! At that time, the driver comes to you and hands you your final bill and you find that the final cost is totally different from what you have discussed and received the final quotation. 

So, let’s take a look at what are the best ways to avoid unnecessary costs. But before that, you will have to deep dive into the most common extra fees moving companies may charge. 

The Most Common Extra Moving Fees:
Accessorial Charges: This cost consists of packing, unpacking service, disassembly of furniture, and extra pickup. Ensure that you prepare in advance with your goods disassembled, safely packed, and ready to move. 

Appliances service charges: If the moving company disconnects major appliances such as microwave,  refrigerator, or any other electronic gadget at your original residence and reconnects them at your new residence then the mover company considers appliances service charges.

Storage and Transit Fee:
If your new residence is under construction and your goods are required to store before moving to a new home, then the moving company take a charge of the goods to be stored. They may also take a charge of two times loading and unloading your belongings.

How can I avoid extra moving charges?
Fortunately, you can prevent extra costs using diligent planning. Use these tips and get ready for the move.

Dispose of Unnecessary Items:
The straightforward way is to reduce the items that you do not need it. We recommend reducing the size of belongings appropriately before packing. You can dispose of unnecessary items through junk dealers or donate them to a charity organization.  

Discuss all before signing the contract: 
Before finalizing mover and packers in UAE, think that what items may need to be handled by the hired packers and movers and determine the extra cost of it. You should also ask about stairs, elevators, and parking problems to get a full estimation of the final cost. 

Self-moving heavy items:
Bring small but heavy items with you and move them along with your ride while you are relocating to your new property, as the moving company considers weight as the main factor to determine the cost.   

Do not change your destination:
Avoid changing the route of moving truck to prevent a lot of additional charges. Furthermore, do not add extra items along with original belongings at the last minute. Last-minute changes in original belongings can also increase the final cost.      

Wrapping Up:
Clear discussion about potential extra fees in advance helps you plan in a better way and avoid surprises. Dealing with reputed and trustworthy movers and packers in UAE helps you gain the trust that extra fees result from extra requests. However, if you feel that the given charge is inaccurate then you should never hesitate to get the final quote in detail.

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