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Tip to pack kitchen stuff when moving

Packing the kitchen stuff when moving is the worst nightmare. Isn’t it? Because there is so much stuff of different sizes and shapes required to tackle in the kitchen while packing. In today’s era, the modern kitchen is equipped with modern equipment and fragile items such as microwave ovens, glassware, toaster, crockery set, and other electronic appliance. 

You might also wonder how to pack fragile items for relocation without any risk of damage. If you hire professional movers and packers in UAE, they pack and relocate all your stuff with at most care. Packing kitchenware is quite a challenging task but doesn’t worry. To help you, we have curated some DIY tips in regard to overcoming the challenges of packing and unpacking. 

Which packing material do I need?

While packing kitchen stuff, you need to collect a wide array of premium quality packing materials of an adequate amount in advance. Because you will never like to rush for extra supplies. Furthermore, last-minute shopping may cost you dearly. You should not be required to bring it if you hire movers and packers in UAE. For a standard kitchen size, you need the below packaging material. 

  ⇛  You need 16-19 medium-sized boxes to pack the cutlery sets, small appliances, and various other kitchen utensils;  6-8 boxes to pack dishes; a few dish barrels to pack glasses and bottles. 

  ⇛  Then you need bubble wrap to provide cushioning to fragile items, furniture parts, and other awkward shape pieces. 

  ⇛  Wrapping sheets will also require filling up empty spaces in the boxes, else you can fill empty spaces with the old newspaper. But keep in mind that printed paper or newspaper might leave an ugly mark on the light-colored surface.  

  ⇛  You can use the moving blanket to protect the surface of furniture and kitchen appliances against dents, sketches, and other damage. Else you can also use a large blanket or towel.

  ⇛  Box-sealing tap to seal the corrugated moving boxes and provide sturdiness to boxes. 

Tips to pack kitchen stuff:

  ⇛  Reinforce all corners of the corrugated box using heavy-duty box-sealing tape. Cover the bottom of the box with so many layers of shredded papers or layer wrapping sheets to provide adequate cushioning to kitchenware.

  ⇛  Wrap each and every fragile item using bubble wrap or wrapping sheets. Then take these all individual items and again wrap them with bubble wrap. This will ensure your transportation at the most care. 

  ⇛  Place bubble wrap, old newspaper, cushions, and towels between items in a packing box to avoid the risk of damage while in transit. Ensure that amount of padding is sufficient to provide protection. Just for few money saving in buying a packing box, do not overload the packing box. 

  ⇛  Label all the boxes with special captions such as “handle with the care”, “Open this box first” or any additional info.

How do I pack kitchen appliances?

Pack fragile kitchen appliances in their original box and if you do not have them then find out appropriately sized cartoons, properly dry it before packing and then start to pack. It should be also wrapped with bubble wrap.

In a nutshell, DIY relocation can be tricky that requires considerable management. So instead of getting into that adventure, hiring professional movers and packers in UAE is the best option to think about. 

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