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The Most Common Moving Myth You Should Know

Have you recently bought the property and looking to transfer all your belongings to your new property? If the answer is yes then you might be under a lot of stress and tension nowadays. This process consists of lots of tasks to organize and manage. Being a victim of some of the common myths makes your relocation experience more worst. Here is the list of common moving myths you need to be aware of to make your relocation experience hassle-free.

Myth 1
Hiring packers and movers is more expensive; instead, self-moving is cheaper

You think that self-moving by taking a moving truck on rent is cheaper than hiring professional packers and movers, but the overall moving cost is likely to be the same.
How? Let’s have a look at the same. You will have to pay for:

⇛ Fuel, parking permits, road tolls, etc.
⇛ Salary deduction of the day when you relocate
⇛ Meals during the moving
⇛ Packing materials
⇛ Auxiliary Moving Equipments
⇛ Offer snacks and beverages who come to help you in moving

When you get an estimation of the total cost that covers all these costs, then you know that it is not much cheaper than the cost of professional movers and packers. Instead, hiring movers and packers in UAE will remove your stress as they have years of experience in the same field.

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Myth 2
All movers and packers are the same no matter which one you select
All movers do not have the same experience, rates, and conditions. Some are authorized and insured while some are not. Some have positive customer reviews and ratings while some have not. So don’t just look into the moving cost and higher one who provide moving service in lower cost. Do some research and hire professional packers and movers in Dubai who is experienced, honest and trustworthy moving company.

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Myth 2
You can use your own personal vehicle while the moving process

Before taking this decision, ask yourself how you fit larger size belongings like a sofa set or cupboards in your personal vehicle. Another thing that may also come to your mind that, transferring all larger belongings in a small truck and moving smaller items in your personal vehicle. In the car, you will have to take multiple rounds as no more belongings will adjust in one round. Imagine what will be the expenses.

Myth 3
Unpacking task is easier

Some people have the misconception that packing is the toughest task. After shifting, no toughest task will remain. It’s a complete myth. Same as packing, unpacking is also a challenging task. Unorganized packing can put you in trouble. You need to be very careful and particular about things from the opened box arranged first then open the other box. Furthermore, handling fragile items with care is also very important. Reinstallation of electronic appliances is also another difficult task. Instead, hiring packers and movers in UAE is an ideal option to go with.

Do not trust these myths and do not allow these common myths to mislead you. Do some research to know the fact. Use your own mindfulness and take an informed decision.

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