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Moving Tips for Large and Heavy Items

Moving bulky items like large appliances, furniture, and lawnmowers can be a troublesome and overwhelming task. Whether you’re a professional or attempting to do the move yourself to save money, there is always a risk of injury and damage to the furniture. Manual labor can take its toll on your body, after all. But if you’re trying to save money on your move, you’ll want to do it yourself. Moreover, if you mishandle heavy furniture or loaded boxes, there’s a chance you’ll damage them. To ensure that your move is as successful and efficient as possible, here are some tips for moving large objects safely and properly.


Strategic planning is a must for safely and effectively moving large items between locations. The best way to ensure an organized relocation process is to create a detailed plan and create an inventory of heavy or bulky items can save time and stress in the long run. Start by making a list of all the big items you need to move, from washing machines and furniture to barbecues and pool tables. Then break down each item into its individual components that need attention, referring to any instruction manuals if possible. At last, make a list of any necessary tools you will need throughout the process. This simple step-by-step preparation saves you from stress during moving large objects.

Get the Right Tools:

In order to move larger items from your home, it is important to have the right tools. If you are doing DIY removal, you will need straps, dollies, sliders, and blankets to protect your furniture. You also need a tool kit with screwdrivers, hammers, and drills. if you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding and using all these tools, the movers and packers in UAE can help! Our specialists come fully equipped with the right tools and are ready to do the heavy lifting.

Self-Care with Proper Safety Measures:

Proper safety measures are key when handling large items like furniture. Before you start, position correctly, use your core muscles to support your back, and bend your knees to ensure the load passes through your legs rather than your back. Furthermore, rotate tall pieces of furniture at an angle to fit through doorways or onto their sides in L-shapes if bending around corners. For heavier items, remove any excess components and empty them out before you try to lift them. Whenever possible, push your items rather than pull them in order to minimize strain on your back muscles. If needed, consider using glides in order to protect any surfaces that could become damaged during the move. 

Get the Expert Help:

It is advisable to find assistance when handling such objects since injuries, broken items, or even damaged homes can easily occur if done correctly. Getting professional assistance can reduce the risk of injury or a damaged home. Ensure that you use the right tools and come up with a plan for the move. If time is an issue or you do not have the resources, consider relying on the best movers in UAE who can provide all the necessary resources. 

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