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How To Reduce The Cost Of Moving With Movers In Abu Dhabi?

Moving to a new office or home is a very expensive event in Abu Dhabi, especially when you don’t go through proper planning or organisation. Sometimes, if you have all properly planned, but then after some extra unexpected expenses you may face during the move. Reducing the cost of moving with movers in Abu Dhabi not only cuts off the cost, but also avoids the unexpected expenses during the move. 

Tips To Reduce The Relocation Charges with Movers in Abu Dhabi

Moving to a new office requires careful planning, negotiation and consideration of various factors. Here in this article, we will explore some tips that will help you to save your money during the move.

Plan Ahead:

Movers in Abu Dhabi often charge higher rates during the moving season, like summer time or holiday season. To decrease the charge of moving cost, select the right time to move.

  • Winter time ( December to February):  Due to the colder weather, the moving service demands are lower. It is the best time to negotiate the lower rates.
  • Monsoon Time ( June to September):  Monsoon is the less favourable season, due to this moving service demand is less. You can take the benefits of negotiating the rates.
  • Weekdays: Usually, on the weekend the movers and packers service demand is high, due to that the rates are high. Plan your move during the off-peak season when demand for moving services is lower. This is usually during the winter months. Book with movers in Dubai well in advance to secure better rates

Declutter before Moving:

Decluttering your belongings before moving can help to decrease the moving cost. Donate or sell the things which you don’t need for so long.

  • Lower moving cost: Office movers in Dubai often charge based on the volume and weight of your belongings, so the less you have to move, the lower the cost.
  • Easier packing and unpacking: Reducing the thing will help to manage packing and unpacking tasks, it will also reduce the moving charges in Abu Dhabi.
  • Less Clutter in the new home: Sell or donate the items that will not be in use. Reducing the number of things you need to move can less clutter your new place.

Get Multiple Quotes of movers in Abu Dhabi:

To obtain a great deal for office movers in Dubai, it is crucial to collect quotations from various movers in Abu Dhabi. It will allow you to compare service, rates, and terms before taking the final decision. Here is the steps of how can you approach movers in Dubai:

  • Make the list of the best movers and packers: Search online the best office movers in dubai or ask advice from friends, colleagues, or family.
  • Request Quotation: Get in touch with shortlisted movers in dubai and ask for quotations including services and charges.
  • Compare the quotes: Compare the quotation to know the most cost-effective option, to compare with quality of service and cost by offered.
  • Verify credentials and checking reviews: Before finalising the movers in Abu Dhabi, it is essential to read the review and complaints or previous clients. This will help you hire the reliable and trustworthy office movers in dubai.

Negotiate and ask for the Discount:

Once when you shortlisted the movers in dubai on comparison of service and their credibility. Now it is time to ask for a discount. Here are some negotiation tips:

  • Highlight the competition: Communicate them about their competitors who offered you the lower rate. It is more encouraging for them to provide you a lower rate.
  • Discount discounts and promotions: Some movers in Abu dhabi offer the discounts on early booking or for moving during weekdays which is not mentioned in their quotations. Don’t hesitate to ask about discounts or any special offers.
  • Be Flexible with dates: Feel free to ask with them if they can provide any discount, especially if you are flexible on your moving date.

Pack Yourself:

Do it yourself by packing and unpacking your belongings except hiring the professional movers in Abu Dhabi, it can reduce your shifting charges. Here are some of advantages to packing your belongings by yourself:

  • Cost Saving: By packing yourself can reduce the charges of professional labour costs.
  • Personalised Care: You can ensure that your items will be packed with utmost care and attention, as you can know their value and fragility of your belongings.
  • Flexibility: Pack yourself allows you pack early days or weekend before the moving day, it will reduce the last day pressure.

Label boxes clearly: 

Properly label your boxes to make unloading and unpacking more easier. It can save the time of office movers in Dubai and reduce the costs. Here are some tips:

  • Sort items by Category: Separated the items by its categories like documents, electronics or books.
  • Use clear labels: Clearly labels the boxes or containers about the things in that. It can help to easily unpack to a new place.
  • Use Colour Code: Use specific colour code to each box, stickers, and tape to identify the right destination of your belonging at a new place.
  • Create an inventory: Make the list of all your boxes and containers to keep on track to unpack all your belongings easily.

Set a budget to control your expenses:

Prepare a budget for your office move in Abu Dhabi can help to reduce the expenses, priorities your spending, and ensure to keep in your financial limits. Here are the advantages of preparing a budget for moving in Abu Dhabi.

  • Financial Control: A budget can help to keep control of your financial limit and ensure that you don’t spend over limit or unexpected charges.
  • Prioritisation: A budget can help to keep on track to prioritise expenses, it allows funds to spend on unexpected expenses during a move.
  • Reduce stress: Planning a budget can reduce the stress in the process of relocation..

Plan Early:

Planning early is one of the important things while relocating with movers in Abu Dhabi. It helps to reduce the moving cost and negotiate with movers in Dubai.

  • Book service Early: To get high discounts or save your cost, book prior with movers and packers.
  • Avoid last minute Expenses: With proper plan and organisation, you can reduce the costs arisen at the last minute.
  • Negotiate Effectively: Plan prior and compare with more then three movers and packers services can help to negotiate better rates.


Moving to a new place is exciting, but a daunting task. Although, taking the step and strategies in this guide can reduce the moving cost and enjoy the smooth and stress-free relocation. Paying the new and fresh start with the best movers in Abu Dhabi.

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