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Questions to Ask While Hiring Commercial movers in Abu dhabi

While looking to avail the service of movers in Abu dhabi, your search likely returns plenty of companies and you don’t know how to filter them. Since there are a number of companies started each year, you may experience big trouble in selecting the right one. The most ideal approach is to ask a few questions while contracting the movers in Abu dhabi. This will help you select the right one despite having all the trouble.


  • 1. How many years of experience in commercial moving do you have?

Unlike residential moving, commercial moving is also a broad sector that consists of hundreds of business types. For example, to move a hospital, it is impossible to handle all the expensive equipment for an incomplete team. For the restaurant, the moving company requires experience in how to move fragile items. Movers in Abu dhabi having ample experience in commercial moving can move all belongings effectively to reduce downtime dramatically.

  • 2. Are you licensed and insured?

Licensed relocation companies hold a business license that is granted by the government. This thing makes you feel relaxed about any misconduct or damage when you find yourself in the worst situation. The relocation company that claims that it is insured is determined that you will get compensation if your goods are damaged. Therefore, you should do appropriate research on insurance coverage the moving companies have before selecting.

  • 3. Do you have any hidden charges?

There are many moving companies that have undisclosed or misrepresented hidden charges. It is quite difficult to get a straight answer from a representative. In that situation, you can check customer reviews where you can know if the company taking a surprise charge.  Do not check the review of only one customer. It will change your perception. However, if you find constant reviews about hidden fees, then you should leave that company and choose another one.

  • 4. How do you handle loss and damage?

We have discussed moving insurance but we haven’t discussed the other side of it. Before you get compensation for your damaged goods, you are required to pass through its claiming process. Ask their representative about this insurance claiming process. Same as hidden fees, also check the review of past customers. If you find multiple reviews that reveal that they did not get compensation then you should select the other one.   

  • 5. How do you calculate the price?

Movers in Abu dhabi charge customers based on shipment weight, shipping distance, hourly labor rates, and seasonality. Some companies also add charges for fuel and any other special services. Therefore, ask them how they calculate prices so that you calculate costs properly. Also, ask them about the cost of any other moving requirements if you have anyone so that you can get an estimation of your final bill. You can also ensure that your final bill is not higher than your expectations.  

Take Away:
The above questionnaires will definitely help you pick the right movers in Abu dhabi and eliminate the risk of getting surprised on a moving day. As professionals are handling all relocating tasks, you can feel confident and relaxed.

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