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The Most Common Moving Injuries and Tips to Avoid Them – Packers and Movers in Dubai

Moving is not a simple task as we think. It requires taking care of several things, especially in DIY home relocation. Feelings of stress and frustration encourage people to speed up the moving process, without taking the proper precautions while moving. This results in unnecessary injuries. In order to help you, we have listed down moving injuries and tips to avoid them.

Back Injuries: 

Back injuries are the most common injuries due to the number of heavy-lifting objects. Most severe back injuries such as torn muscles and herniated discs can have lasting effects, so it is essential to take extra precautions while lifting heavy objects. Therefore, carry heavy objects after knowing your limit. Lift heavy items with the legs instead of the back and then support weight by using the lower limbs. Take the use of the right equipment such as furniture sliders, dolly, and other moving tools to move heavy lifting items.

Broken Hands, fingers, or Toes:

Quickly moving heavy items can lead to toes getting crushed out and fingers getting squished. These are not uncommon injuries. It is extremely painful and requires emergency medical attention. To avoid it, while moving, you should wear heavy-duty gloves and closed toes on moving days. Hiring packers and movers in Dubai is a wise decision so that you do not need to engage in the heavy lifting.   

Scrapes and cuts:

While packing and unpacking the goods, you might require to use knives, scissors, and other sharp objects to cut the tape to pack the box. You may also require to handle fragile items. These items need to handle carefully as they can cause cuts on any parts of the body. To avoid it, While handling these types of goods, wear multi-layered cloth. Don’t wear pants. Wear jeans. You should have antiseptic, band-aids, etc.

Muscle Injuries:

The numerous physical activities and unusual moments such as pulling, twisting, pushing, and bending on a moving day lead to muscle strains, muscle tears, muscle cramps, muscle contusions, torn alignment, and tendons. Do muscle stretching exercises on your moving day to avoid it. Drink more liquid to keep yourself hydrated. Take a break between the packing and unpacking process.  

Bonus Tips For a Safe Relocation – Packers and movers in Dubai

⇛ Don’t overload any cardboard boxes as there are the chances that box can be easily torn due to being overweight. This can not cause problems in lifting but also cause problems in your back. 

⇛ Classified potential danger things such as knives in the different groups as it can harm you if those all things are not handled or packed with care. Same as, segment hazardous things into other groups since flammable substance like alcohol is not allowed while transportation by law. 

⇛ Keep your children and pets away to get them hurt while the packing and unpacking process. You can also get help from your family or friends to take care of them during the relocation process.

⇛ The entire move takes time. So do not hurry. Take your time and handle all things carefully to avoid injuries or mishaps. Take a break after some time.

⇛ Get help from professional packers and movers in Dubai to avoid any kind of injuries on moving days. The team of experts handles all goods with utmost care and efficiency.  

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